Your Guide to more Magic at Disney World during Spring Break

If you are planning on vacationing in Disney World during spring break, here are some things you should know before you head to this great vacation spot:

  • Be prepared for LINES – The parks will be very crowded.  The crowds will be very high, leading to longer lines.  You may want to rethink about your touring plans so you can make the most out of your day.  Here is a related article which really can help you do just that!
  • Think early morning/naps/late nights – This strategy will help you get in the most attractions for your time without spending a huge amount of hours in lines.
  • Possibility for loud resort areas – The Resorts are often packed with large groups of school age kids.  Sometimes you find that these children are visiting room to room, making noise, singing, laughing, etc.  If you are planning on a midday nap, perhaps pack a fan to help drown out the noise you may find at the Resort.
  • 18 is Old Enough – Feel free to book your own room if you are at least 18 years old!
  • Bring along sunscreen and a swimsuit – Return to your room for some downtime and head to the pool.  The water will feel great during the heat of the day and leave you refreshed.
What other important details should others know about Spring Break at Disney World?  Share in the comments!

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