Wizarding World of Harry Potter Offers Unique Purchases

When visiting theme parks, there are many things that are offered for purchase as a souvenir.  The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the best location for different souvenirs!  Here are a few of the favorites that can be found in this section of both the Universal Studios and Islands of Adventures:

Sweet Shop

In both of the theme parks, there are stores dedicated to providing you with the best candy!  Most of the candy is themed after the Harry Potter movies.  You will find candy such as the Every Flavor Beans, Honeydukes chocolates, and Chocolate Frogs.  In addition, you can find dispensers with things such as chocolate covered raisins, M & M’s, and multi-colored Jordan Almonds.  You should definitely grab you some of these candies while in the shop.  Later when you are tired from your exciting day in Universal, you will appreciate the snack!20161121_125829

Flavored Water

The Wizarding World sells their own water bottles that are themed after the movies.  In the end, it is just water but it is not more expensive than other bottled water found in the parks. In the Universal Studios side of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, they sell many different water flavors.  Between the two purchases, the water and the flavor, the cost is about the same as a soda.  However, the experience is much more exciting!  When visiting, be sure to consider visiting this sales stand where these water flavors are sold! 20161121_125659

Wizarding Wands

Wands are sold that are both “magical” and “non-magical” in the theme parks.  The “magical” versions that are sold are more expensive than the “non-magical” versions.  When you purchase a “magical” version, you will be given a map that will assist you in seeing where you can use your magic with the new wand!  There are many locations throughout both of the parks. There is approximately $5 in difference between the two.  If you plan to try to use your magic while in the parks, be sure to purchase the “magical” version instead of the “non-magical” version.  20161121_124756Butterbeer

As seen in the movies, you can try Butterbeer while in the parks!  The best location to purchase the Butterbeer is in the Islands of Adventures side.  You can purchase a souvenir cup for your Butterbeer.  If you do not want a cup to keep, you can instead choose to get a disposable cup.  Know before you get to the register which version you want of the Butterbeer, frozen or not frozen.  (Rumor has it, the not frozen is better!)


If you have other suggestions on great souvenirs in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, please leave us a comment!



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