Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Photos – Part 2

When riding the Forbidden Journey, you can choose if you want to ride the ride as a single rider, the regular line or the child swap line.  In addition, if you do not want to ride the ride at all, you can choose to tour the castle.  The tour puts you in a line that only goes through the castle and misses the herbology classroom, but you are afforded the ability to simply meander through the castle without being moved along before you can see all of the details. 

We chose the child swap line and when you get to the end of line, the parent staying with the child enters the waiting room.  This room is right across from the loading platform.  The room includes a television playing around 10-15 minutes of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, showing much of the scenery in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  The room also includes a changing table and several bench seats.  Once the first parent has ridden the ride, the parents swap.  The process was very quick (and my husband did ride twice).

Here is the Sorting Hat, found in the castle:

You cannot tell from the photo, but this Hat is very animated!  I was sorted to Griffindor!  (Well, not really, but I imagined it so.)

We also saw Ron, Harry and Hermione in the Defense Against the Dark Arts Class.  They declined photos, but we took photos of the black board so you can study up before visiting yourself:

As mentioned, my son was not able to ride the Forbidden Journey.  And really, after riding it, I know he would have had a panic attach from the spiders and the dementors… So, he was really so excited to ride the Flight of the Hippogriff!  This is a smaller style roller coaster, much like the Magic Kingdom’s Goofy Barnstormer.  While in line, you see Hagrid’s Hut:

I had really wanted to walk up to it, but it is set back away from the walk path and is really pretty much over your head.  I had wanted to see if Hagrid was home.  Next time, I will bring my climbing gear so I can check.

Here is a shot of the actual coaster.  You can see Hogwart’s behind:

As you leave the loading zone, you come across a hippogriff:

He bows his head to you, so you know everything will be ok on the coaster!

More photos to come next week!  Thanks for checking them out.  And if you missed Part 1, click here!

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