Winner of the Disney LeSportsac

Last week we hosted a contest to win a Disney Minnie and Mickey Mouse LeSportsac.

The winner of this great contest was no other than Sally Thompson.  Sally send in her favorite Strategy for Paying for Disney as follows:

When I was first looking to start saving my money so I could go to Disney, I began first with opening a savings account.  Each month, I would add money to the savings account until I had enough money to saved that I could afford our Disney vacation.  I was happy that it did not take us long!

Sally, please contact us by email at contact @ to collect your prize within 2 days.

For those of you interested in taking Sally’s advise and beginning your very own savings account so you can afford your vacation to Disney, be sure to sign up for this Capital One 360 account and receive $50 for FREE!  Get signed up here today!  For other great suggestions on ways for you to save up for your next Disney vacation, pick up your copy of Strategies for Paying for Disney here.

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