Why Take the Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour?

Partners statute of Walt Disney holding Mickey Mouse’s hand in front of Cinderella Castle

Have you ever thought this time when I go to Disney, I would like to do something extra or learn more about the details of the theme park?  Taking a tour just may be for you!  On my recent visit to Walt Disney World, we took the Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour.  This tour leaves from the Magic Kingdom at 8 AM on the day we took the tour but the times may differ depending on the time the theme park opens.  Also, note that the tour is not open on Monday and Tuesday.


You must have a valid park ticket to the Magic Kingdom in order to take the tour.  The cost per person to take the tour is $49 but if you have an annual pass to the theme park, you can potentially save 15% off the cost of the tour.  Be sure to ask when you call to book the tour by calling (407) 939-8687 or (407) WDW-TOUR. 

Details provided by Disney

The official description from Disney is as follows:  “Discover how key events in Walt Disney’s life inspired the creation of Magic Kingdom park on this eye-opening, 3-hour walking tour.  Step back in time for a “behind-the-scenes” glimpse into some of the secrets behind the magic. Your knowledgeable guide will share many little-known facts about Walt’s upbringing in Marceline, Missouri as well as provide insider info about the design and operation of several classic attractions, including those inspired by Walt’s participation in the 1964 World’s Fair.”

Personal Details of the Tour

Here is my additional details on the tour.  The tour begins at 8 AM.  To get to the Magic Kingdom by this start time, you can imagine, it is quite early when you get up to go to the Magic Kingdom to begin the tour.  Once you have arrived, you go in the building to the right where there is a meet and greet with Mickey Mouse there on Main Street.  You sign in for the tour, then are given an audio guide and button that shows your name.  This is to be warn so the guide can call you by name.

Sign in for the Magic Kingdom Tours at this Desk

Items you are provided when you Begin the Tour

Once all of the guests have arrived, we gathered and were introduced to our guide, Darlene Kingsley.  She began the tour walking down Main Street providing details of stories and details of the buildings found on Main Street unlike any I had heard before.  All of the stories she provide with such color that they did not seem “old” or “boring” but instead were demonstrated with the location and surroundings we were standing.  This made the information much more enjoyable, even keeping the attention of my son, age 13, for the entire 3 hours. 

Along the tour, she took us on attractions providing additional details on each using stories about Walt, heard through the headset we were wearing.  The attractions included the Haunted Mansion, it’s a small world and the Carousel of Progress.  During each, we learned many details about the attractions that are overlooked or not obvious.  For example, in the Carousel of Progress, you might have noticed that in one of the scenes, the daughter in the attraction has brown hair and in a different scene, the daughter has blond hair:

Since Walt had two daughters, one with brown hair and one with blond hair, he wanted to represent each within this attraction.  Therefore, he made one of the daughter animatronics with brown hair in one scene and the other daughter animatronic with blond hair.  There are many, many more details provided in the tour about things you have maybe thought about or not thought about and their significants.  I do not want to tell you all of them and ruin the fun of the tour!

I enjoyed the tour so much, I will likely take the tour again.  There were so many stories and details provided, I could not absorb them all at once.  Better to take the tour again!  I definitely plan to take the Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour the next time it fits into my travel schedule.  Hopefully, I will see you there!


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