Why should you visit the Disney World parks during the rain?

Are you thinking that visiting the Disney parks during the rain is not a good idea? Perhaps, I can convince you otherwise!

  • Disney parks seem to ALWAYS be crowded these days.  However, on the days that the weather is not expected to be perfect, the parks empty quickly.  Lines that would normally take you an hour, change to 20 minutes!
  • The inside attractions are not effective by the rain typically.  Though, you might find that outdoor attractions are either closed or delayed as a result of the rain. 
  • Photos are often better of attractions in the rain.  See the photo above of Cinderella Castle.  The area seen in the photo is virtually empty because most Disney park goers had already left the parks due to the rain.  Also, with the ground being wet, the reflection of the Castle in the water is beautiful! 

So, the next time you are to go to the Disney parks and the weather says it will rain, grab your raincoat and go ahead to the parks!

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