Which is Better? – Joffrey’s Coffee or Starbucks Coffee in Disney World

Many Disney World visitors were extremely happy to find that Starbucks Coffee locations are being added in the parks.  There is nothing quite like being tired from your long day of walking and enjoying the parks and grabbing your favorite drink from Starbucks.  I admit, I was one fo those that was most excited.  I have a tendancy to get overtired while in Disney, as I try to see and do more than my body wants to allow throughout the day.  To help me fuel up for the rest of the day, I love taking a quick break at the Starbucks.

Starbucks Once I got to the parks and found the Starbucks, I quickly realized that even in this famous coffee spot, lines accumulated.  I often found I was waiting 10 to 15 minutes to get a drink.  On more than one occassion, I decided to ditch the idea of getting my caffeine jolt simply because I did not want to have to wait in yet another line.

014_2214As I toured EPCOT one day, I noticed a new coffee company, Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company, had been installed in various locations around the park.  Theline for one of the locations was not very long and still wanting my coffee, I decided to try Joffrey’s.  Since I was quite hungry as well, I decided to get a latte.  The drink was absolutely amazing.  The flavor of the coffee was smooth and rich without any bitter finish.  I instantly fell in love with the flavor.  In fact, I began looking in the parks to see if I could find Joffrey’s instead of Starbucks.

To try Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Company, head to one of these locations:

  • Contemporary Grounds at Disney’s Contemporary Resort
  • Walt Disney World Resort Transportation and Ticket Center
    • World Showcase between the UK and Canada
    • Monorail Station
    • Test Track Attraction
    • The American Adventure
    • World Showcase Entrance near Disney Traders
  • Disney Hollywood Studios
    • Premier Theater Near Muppet Vision 3D
    • Entrance of Pixar Place near Toy STory Midway Mania! Attraction
    • Outside the Exit of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Attraction
  • Animal Kingom
    • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park Entrance
    • Royal Anandapur Tea Company located within Asia near Kali River Rapids Attraction
  • Downtown Disney Area
    • 40 Thirst Street Express at Downtown Disney Marketplace across from World of Disney Store
    • 40 Thirst Street at Downtown Disney West Side near Characters in Flight
  • Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park
    • near Polar Pub
    • Near Lottawatta Lodge
  • Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park
    • near Let’s Go Slurpin’
    • near Singapore Sal’s at Donut Cart
    • near Singapore Sal’s at Artic Dots

There are even locations for the Joffrey’s in the Disneyland Parks.  If you do not want to wait to get the coffee in the Disney parks, you can pick up your own pound of the Disney coffee beans on Joffrey’s website.

What do you think: Starbucks or Joffrey’s?

2 comments for “Which is Better? – Joffrey’s Coffee or Starbucks Coffee in Disney World

  1. Nancy
    February 12, 2015 at 9:38 am

    Can’t wait to try Joffrey’s at WDW! Not a fan of Starbucks so I’m interested in trying the new addition out. Too bad Disney couldn’t have put their own coffee shops selling Joffrey’s throughout the World instead of Starbucks but I guess it’s too late now.

  2. PS
    March 8, 2015 at 9:30 pm

    I tried Joffrey’s after hearing so much about it. I wanted to see what the fuss was about. I had a cup at Epcot and the coffee was so smooth and had no acidic after taste. Best coffee I’ve ever had! Really! I’ve been thinking about it for the past 5 months. I can’t wait until my next trip to drink some so I’m going to call Joffrey’s and see if they know the kind I had so I can buy it. It’s so much better than Starbucks. Why even buy Starbucks when you’re visiting Disney? You can get Starbucks anywhere. Go local with Joffreys. Try something new!

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