When heading to Legoland, Be sure to bring along this item!

Legoland Trading Wall

On your next vacation to Florida, be sure to visit Legoland for fun unlike that found in other theme parks!  As you are about to pack to go to the theme park, there is something else you must remember to bring with you.  What is it?  Lego minifigures!  When visiting, there are many locations for trading minifigures for free!  Here is how you can take part:

  1. Purchase or bring your own minifigures
  2. Approach a model citizen and ask to trade
  3. The new minifigure is now yours to keep or trade again!

It is that easy!  Looking for minifigure to trade?  Here is a link so you can get your own to bring for trading!  Be sure to also visit the guest relations at the front of the park for additional trading opportunities!

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