The Best Time to Travel To Disney

Magic Kingdom Big Thunder Mountain RailroadWhen planning your vacation to Disney, the first question you should answer is when can you actually go on a vacation to Disney!  This can be answered often by your situation:

1.  Traveling with Children – If you are traveling with children, you may prefer to only travel when their children are on a vacation or summer break.  Or you may instead prefer to travel to Disney when school is in session in hopes to find reduced crowd level at Disney World.

2.  Crowd Calendar – If you are not familiar with the crowd calendar, it is a calendar that helps determine the average amount of time you should expect to spend in a line for attractions.  If you want to travel during a time when lesser people will be at the parks, this calendar will really help you out!

3.  Resort Calendar – If you are attempting to stay on a tight budget careful consideration should be given to the time of year when making reservations.  Each of the resorts have a resort calendar which is typically based on the expected number of guests expected during a time of year.  When demand is expected to be high, the prices will increase for that season.  And when the number of guests decreases, expect a reduced rate.  Examples of names for resort seasons are value (typically the least expensive season) and holiday (typically the rates found for Christmas and New Years and among the highest found on the resort calendar).   The calendar dates vary per resort.  Use this to help you find the best prices for your resort of choice.

4.  Parties – Disney hosts  a number of parties.  These parties include the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and the Very Merry Christmas Party.  A review of the available party dates may also help you determine the best time of year for travel.  Remember, most parties require an additional admission fee to the parks.

5.  Festivals- A variety of festivals are held throughout the year around Disney World.  Be sure to check the park calendars for a list of those available.  These festivals are typically included in the price of park admission.

Remember, there is always something great to see at Walt Disney World regardless of when you are able to get there!  The key is to plan the vacation and GET THERE!  Have fun planning!

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