What to Remember to Pack for Disney in the Winter

When thinking about your vacation to Disney, you often think of the warm Florida sun, sweating and need for air conditioning.  However, in the months of November, December, January and February, there is a high possibility that you will find colder temperatures while in Disney World on your magical vacation.  The cooler (or cold) temperatures typically happen during the late evening hours.  So, if you are only a daytime park-goer, you just might not have to content with these cold temperatures.  But if never hurts to be prepared just in case!  There is nothing worse than arriving and seeing that the parks are so cold and not having the clothing to make the vacation fun!

Additional items to pack for the Winter Months

  • A Good Jacket – You might find that you need both a rain coat and a jacket.  There are many available that combine both of these features.  Here is one made by North Face that is both waterproof and warm:

North Face Girls


         Click here to check out all of the children’s rain jackets.  Also, there are a wide variety of these jackets              available for adults as well which can be seen here.

North Face Adult Jacket

  • Grab your own Windproof Fleece Hat – This hat is great for keeping out the wind and keeping your head warm while you are touring the parks.  The hat is very comfortable and comes in a variety of colors.

Fleece Hat


Mountain Hardwear Men’s Airshield Micro Dome

  • Great pair of Gloves – There is nothing worse than cold hands!  These gloves by North Face include a e-Tip which will allow you to use your smartphone while wearing them!  So, you will not need to put on your gloves and take them off constantly as you check your emails, etc on your phone.  Find these gloves here:

North Face

The North Face Etip Glove

  • Hothands Handwarmers – These are an inexpensive way to keep your hands warm as you wait for the those firework shows or parades to begin!  They last for many hours too!

Also, if you plan on visiting during the holiday season, you should consider bringing along decorations for your room!  This is super fun!  Have a wonderful trip and stay warm!

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