What to Know about Using a Stroller in a Theme Park


When heading to Disney World with a little one, a stroller is a must!  You need to think about what type of stroller would best meet the needs of full days in the theme parks.  Here are some things to consider:

  • Should you rent or bring your own stroller? If your child is too young to sit up on their own, the rental strollers in Disney World will likely be inappropriate. The Disney World strollers require the child to be able to sit up and only use a lap belt, not a harness. Also, if you are concerned with germs, you might be more suited for bringing your own.  Though the strollers are cleaned regularly by Disney cast members, the concern may still exist.
  • How to locate the stroller?  Many people bring along something bright to tie to their stroller so they can more easily locate the stroller once it is in a group with others.  You could instead purchase a balloon to give a better visual of where your stroller is located!
  • Is your stroller large enough to accommodate your day’s needs – When traveling to Disney, you will likely need to have a large bag and even the ability to store items in a compartment underneath the stroller.  Does your stroller have a drink holder?  Do you care?
  • Your stroller will be moved – Many people do not know that their stroller will be moved while they are on the attraction.  Though you have parked your stroller in the best possible location, likely in the shade, you will likely not find your stroller in that spot later on!  The Cast Members move the strollers to locations that condense the space so there is plenty of room for the new strollers to park.
  • Consider the size of the stroller – Back when my son was small, I carefully considered which stroller I would take to the parks when I went to buy a stroller.  I knew that at the end of the day in the parks, I would be traveling on the Disney bus with just my son, a stroller, a diaper bag and whatever purchases we had from the day.  It is then that you really begin to think through whether the 20 pound full-size stroller was the best decision!

Begin planning your trip to the parks now and which stroller best meets your needs.  Here are many strollers available at Amazon for great rates and in many shapes and sizes!

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