What to Expect when Disney Opens a New Attraction


Pandora will soon be opening in Disney World Animal Kingdom and you are super excited to get to see this new section of the park and to finally get to experience the new attractions!  If you have not been to the opening of a new attraction or section of a Disney theme park yet, you should know what to expect.  In the photo above, you see the queue for the recent opening day for the new attraction in Disney World Epcot Frozen Ever After. We were among the first people in the theme park but found that once we got to the queueing area for the attraction, we were far behind others who were also headed to the attraction.

Here is some advise and understanding for any grand openings at a Disney park:

  • The Queue – Know you will be in the queue for a while, maybe even many, many hours.
  • Prepare – If you need medicines or think you will want to have snacks, bring them along with you in the line.
  • Hope for the best – Just because you are in the queue for the new attraction, it does not mean that you will get to ride the attraction.  The day we stood in line for Frozen Ever After, the attraction went down while we were on the ride!  We had to exit through the back right before we were to get to the final drop.  We were given fastpasses so we could return and ride it later.
  • Expect delays – During the 4 hours we were in line for the attraction (the first time we ride and before we got the fastpasses for the attraction), the attraction kept going down.  The line would stop, Cast Members would make an announcement that the attraction was having issues and maintenance had been called to fix it.  Many of the guests simply took a seat on the ground while in line.
  • Bring along extra batteries or a charger for your phone – With nothing much else to do while in line, you might consider playing a fun game on your cellphone such as Heads Up!  Disney version!  However, after some time playing, you will certainly need to recharge.  The queues usually do not have a way for you to charge your phone so bring along a charger.  Need one?  Amazon sells many of them here.  Depending on the charger you purchase, you can charge one phone twice or several phones a few times!  They really are a great thing to carry with you to the parks.

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