What to Expect from a Flight on Frontier Airlines

A few months back, my family decided that a trip to Arizona would be both educational and entertaining.  To get in the most of Arizona for our 6 days, we decided to fly in to Las Vegas and to fly home through Tucson.  We rented a vehicle and toured the area, loving every minute of this state that is much different from our home state of Tennessee.  To begin our journey to Arizona, I began by searching for flights we could afford.  We found that the prices from some of the airlines, such as Delta and American Airlines, was about $300 per person.  Then I broadened my search and found the rate from Frontier Airlines.  I actually did not know anyone who had ever taken a Frontier Airlines flight.  I looked up the rate for the day we wanted to travel and found a rate for all three of my family members to be only $405.  When comparing the rate to the other airlines, I was surprised by how much less the cost was.

Optimistically, I booked the flight through Frontier Airlines.  The flight would travel from Nashville to Denver, then to Las Vegas.  As with any flight, a few days before travel, I began researching checked-in baggage fees.  I found that there were fees for each and every bag checked in for this airline.

Checked Baggage Fees Frontier Airlines

IMG_20160903_120556399_HDRMy family mostly travels using Southwest Airlines so I was not familiar with the theory of purchasing the ability to check on bags before you arrive at the gate.  Wanting to save a bit of money, I prepurchased the checked bags for two of us.  I decided then that I would simply share a bag with my son instead of paying an additional fee.  The rates listed here will update.  Be sure to check out this website for the most current or upcoming rates.

While purchasing the checked bag fees, I also noticed that there would be a fee for any drinks or snacks given during the flight.  I decided to grab us a snack while in the airport instead of making the purchase while in the airplane.

Once onboard, we found our assigned seats.  The seats were hard plastic with a thin layer of cushion.  The seats were hard and lacked any comfort (I secretly wondered if I could have purchased a seat upgrade with a thicker layer of cushion from the website!)  The knee room was very small.  In the photo here, you can see my son (age 10)’s available knee room.

In front of each chair was a very small tray, approximately 12 inches by 6 inches.  The tray is virtually not good for anything because it is simply too small.  While our family did not use the tray at all, the small child behind us loved the tray.  He would open it, close it.  Slam.  Open it, close it.  Slam.  For the 4 hours of the flight, the child opened and closed that tray.

Overall, the flight did get us to Las Vegas.  There was absolutely no pleasantries or comfort to be found.  My family was happy to be in Vegas and were very excited to be off of the plane.  So, if you and your family need an inexpensive way to travel, Frontier Airlines is for you.  If you will be carrying a bag, be sure to pre-purchase the luggage check-in to save yourself some money as well.


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