What to Expect at the Flower and Garden Festival

The Flower and Garden Festival is an annual event that brings many visitors to Epcot.  As soon as you arrive in the park, you are immediately introduced to the festival with the center piece of the flowers and topiaries.  As you make your way around the park, you will continue to experience extreme beauty of the Disney themed topiaries amongst the beautiful flowers.

Here are some flowers and topiaries from the past:

Tow Mater Topiary Tinkerbell's Friends Topiary2 Tinkerbell's Friends TopiaryFlower Display Ideas

Flower and Garden Donald and PlutoFlower and Garden Lightning McQueen







Visit the Tinkerbell Butterfly Garden to see the butterfly life cycle:

TinkerBell's Butterfly House

Look in your day’s Epcot guide to see the scheduling offered in the Flower and Garden Festival Center.  Often you can find discussions on irrigation, planting and topiary making from top experts in the subjects!  Even if there is nothing scheduled for your day in Epcot, there are plenty of Flower and Garden collectible and excusive items for sale in the gift shop of the Festival Center.
Flower and Garden Presentations Flower and Garden Patio Ideas Flower and Garden Merchandise2 Flower and Garden Merchandise

Finally, be sure to check that schedule to see if the English Tea Garden Tour is available on the day you are visiting. This tour is not only free but very fun and informative!
English Tea Garden

This Festival runs through May 30, 2016.  If you have something you love most about the Festival, be sure to share it here in the comments!


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