What To Do with Your Disney Pins at Home

While vacationing in Disney, one of the popular souvenirs to purchase are the Disney pins.  You may recall, Meet the Magic previously posted about the 4 Steps to Learn How to Trade Disney Pins for Less Money.

Disney Cork Board PinsHowever, once you get home with all of your amazing Disney pins, what can you do to display them?  My son was interested in seeing which pins he had so he would know which ones he already has in his Disney Duffy bear and Puffle collection.  He wanted to continue to collect more of these pins without accidentally getting more of the ones he already owns.  Also, I was more interested in not having to carry all of the pins around with us in the theme parks as they do tend to get quite heavy when combining that weight with a camera, purse, etc.

Here are the steps we took:

  1. Gather all of our pins.  We had many pins in a various locations, owning more than one lanyard, etc.
  2. Hang a cork board.  For us, it actually happened that we already had a cork board hanging in our house which was not being used.
  3. Press the pins in the cork board.  My son liked organizing the pins by collection.  He added all of them from his Puffle collection in one location, Duffy bears in another.  In a separate location, he placed the pins he would like to take to trade on a future vacation to Disney.
  4. Take a photo.  I decided I would make a photo of the board so we would know which pins we already own.  That way I do not have to carry all of the pins on our journey to Disney again.

In the end, I believe it was a win/win!  My son got a project and I get the chance to not have to carry all of the pins along with us on our vacation!

If you have a way you display your pins in your home, please let us know!

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