What to Bring in Your Backpack to Have a More Magical Trip to Disney

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While on a vacation to Orlando, it can be very beneficial to carry a backpack.  This can hold a wide variety of items you need throughout the day.  Some will help you out with possible comfort issues, while others can help you save money.

Here is a good list of those items we found most useful while visiting the parks:

    • Camera – If you enjoy taking great photos, you might want to take a camera along with you on your trip.  While a cellphone can take pretty good photos, they usually are not the best quality when the photo is enlarged to a size such as 8″ X 10″.  Also, there are times, such as at night, when a camera takes much better photos than a cellphone camera (such as the one taken above on my cellphone).  As you can see, the photo is decent but once enlarged, it is not wonderful.  This photo below was instead taken with my Nikon D7100:
    • A small First Aid Kit – A visit to the theme parks typically includes many miles of walking, sometimes anywhere from 8 – 13 miles a day!  As a result of all of the walking, you might get blisters on your feet that need addressing.  Additionally, you or someone in your party might fall down or cut their selves during the day.  While Disney theme parks do have first aid stations onsite, it is nice to be able to open your backpack and grab your own bandage or other first aid item without having to walk to the First Aid Station in the parks.  I generally carry a small first aid kit.  I have even been known to replace the bandages with the Mickey Mouse bandages!  These bandages are just cute enough to take the hurt away from the person in need of a bandage!
    • A Hat – A hat is very handy for keeping away the scorching sun or to keep your face dry while in the rain.  They do not weigh very much either!
    • A Raincoat – There are a variety of types but my favorite are these Sierra Raincoat for Men or this Sierra Raincoat for women which is ultra-light and foldable into a small bag.  They even double as a small coat in case the temperature drops late at night or in case you visit an attraction with the air conditioning running too high for your liking.
    • A Second Pair of Shoes – Bringing a second pair of shoes can be very helpful in the summer.  I appreciate taking two pairs of shoes so I can switch between tennis shoes and flip flops.  This allows my feet time to breath and allow them time in a different sole shape.  Over the course of a few days of walking, this can really change how you feel about one more day in the parks!
    • A Change of Clothes – If you plan on riding some of the water attractions, you might be excited to put on a dry pair of shorts or t-shirt.  This is a much cheaper way to get comfortable than buying a new shirt once you are soaked and in the parks!
    • Snacks – While there are MANY different snacks available, it is very handy to have snacks available at any time without having to wait in line.  It is a great way to stay healthier than you might be if buying your snacks from Disney and a great way to save money!

These are just a few ways you can use a backpack to your benefit while in Disney!

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