What Items to Include in Your Fish Extender for a Disney Cruise

Are you heading on a Disney cruise and have Fish Extenders to buy for and am looking for ideas of items to purchase?  (If you have no idea what a fish extender is, read more here.)  Well, look no further, here are the most popular ideas.  Click on any of the photos to be able to take advantage of these great prices and gift ideas:

1.  Games – The recipient will love the game fun they have while onboard or on their trip back home.  The gift will help them remember the fun of the cruise too!

Party Favors Disney Pixar Cars Card Games

2.  Lanyards – Cruises will certainly appreciate having one of these!  They can use it to hold pins for trading and room keys!  A great way to help out and you will actually be able to see who receives these as they proudly walk aboard displaying your gift!

Disney Princess Lanyards (12 Count) Party Favor Keychain Holder for Mp3, Cellphones

3.  Logo Bandz – Cute little plastic bracelets are fun with their adorable shapes.  These are shaped as Toy Story 3 characters.  The purchase of these will give you plenty supplies for giving to a large number of fish extenders.

Disney Toy Story 3 Toy Story 3 Logo Bandz-3rd Version, Sold as Single Pack

4.  Stickers – Who doesn’t love adding a cute sticker to paper, folders, projects, etc.  Here are some that would be great for adding to fish extenders.  You can even cut them into smaller bunches so you can give to more cruisers.

5.  Think of things you can make and add to fish extenders.  On my cruise, I received a small holiday ornament which was a handmade knitted sweater with Mickey’s shadow!  I cannot fathom myself knitting sweater ornament after sweater ornament for fish extender gifts!  However, it hangs on my tree every year!  I truly appreciated the gift.  Perhaps you have a talent for something you too can share.

Do you have other great ideas, please let us know them here by commenting!

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