What is Disney’s Exclusive Club 33?

Walt Disney provided attractions at the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair.  During his time spent at the fair, he noticed that there were several “VIP” Lounges used by the corporate elites.  Wanting to offer the same at his park, he created the idea of Club 33.  He tucked the Club 33 in Disneyland in the New Orleans Square location, opening on June 15, 1967.  This Club was originally intended for the exclusive use by Disneyland’s sponsors and other industry VIPs, however, individual memberships were also offered.

When the Club first opened, guests needed to use a membership card that would allow them entry.   As time progressed, that system was replaced with a buzzer and an intercom system (as seen above).  Members tap their membership card over the Club 33 emblem and are granted entry.  For non-members, a receptionist will ask for a name over the intercom, then if access is granted will permit access to the Club.

Other Club Locations

A second Club 33 was later added to the Tokyo Disneyland location.  This Club is located on Center Street of World Bazaar, the park’s version of Main Street, U.S.A.  Following that opening was an opening at the Shanghai Disney Resort.  The Club is located at the park’s version of Main Street, U.S.A., Mickey Avenue.

The most recent additions to the Club Club 33 locations have been those opened at Walt Disney World. A Club 33 location will be located in each of the four parks.  The first club opened in Hollywood Studios in March 2018, located above the Brown Derby.  Epcot’s location is found in the American Pavilion.  If you have ever been to the Passholder Lounge that used to be in the American Pavilion, you have visited the Club 33 space before it became a Club.  In the Magic Kingdom, you can find the Club 33 location in Adventureland right after crossing a bridge as you walk into that part of the theme park. The Animal Kingdom park will eventually have a location there as well but that Club has yet to open.

Is there a Cost to Join?

Before you read the costs to join, remember, that this is an exclusive Club, originally set for the elite members of Corporations and the like.  The costs and benefits are as follows:

  • The initial price to join is $33,000.
  • The annual membership fee is $15,000.
  • Membership includes:
    • Access to all 4 Walt Disney World Club 33 locations
    • Premier Passport for the member, spouse, and any children under age 26
    • 50, 1-day park hopper tickets a year
    • 5 day-long VIP guided tours
    • Access to a private concierge service
    • A limited number of instant FastPass+ reservations

All 4 locations will be/are lounges offering drinks and small bites only.

I would absolutely love the opportunity to go to one of the Club 33 locations!  Have you ever been to one?  What was your experience?

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