What is a Fish Extender? Know Before Your Disney Cruise!

When booking a vacation on a Disney Cruise, you may want to find out about “fish extenders”.  But what is a fish extender?  It is a mail box to be used for your cruise cabin.  Friends, family members or perfect strangers can come by and add presents to your fish extender.  It is loads of fun to return to your room and check your fish extender and find that you have received several gifts!

A fish extender is made of fabric, dowel rods and some string.  If you would like to make one here is how to make a fish extender.  Be sure to pack the item and once onboard, be sure to hang it outside your door on the hanger available outside your cabin door.

Remember, half of the fun of a fish extender is to participate.  Be sure to leave items in other guest’s fish extenders!

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