What is a Fish Extender? Disney Cruise Insider!

After I booked my reservation for the Disney Dream, I was told to be sure to bring along a “fish extender”.  I had no idea what she was talking about so I ask, “What is a Fish Extender?”  She stated that people frequently hang a fish extender from their cabin door aboard Disney Cruises and that it is always fun to participate.  Not wanting to appear like I was not a Disney Cruise Line insider, I did not ask the agent what in the world she was talking about.

I did not want to feel left out though once I got on the Disney Dream, so I began to do some research.  What I found was that a fish extender is a mail box, of sorts, that hangs from a string, held together by a set of dowel rods along the top and bottom of the fabric.  The fish extender has 2 pockets made from fabric which are added along the front.  Here is where I posted how to make a fish extender.  Once onboard, I did as I was told and hung it outside my cabin door.

Fish Extender for Disney Cruise Line

Fish Extender for Disney Cruise Line

On our first evening aboard the Disney Dream, my family went to dinner with our fish extender newly hung.  When we had finished our dinner and night’s showing of The Golden Mickeys (a nightime show aboard the Disney Dream), we returned to our room.  My son and I peered inside the extender to see what was there.  We found that someone had added bubbles, candy, pictures and some information about the next day’s activities to our fish extender!  We were so excited!  It was as though we had a really GOOD mailbox that spawned gifts for us while we were away for the day (instead of the normal bills we receive from our mailbox at home!)

Throughout our stay on the Disney Dream, we continued to receive daily gifts.  Most were from our travel agent, some from the others sailing aboard.  Here are some great ideas of gifts that are inexpensive and fun to add to others participating in the fish extender with you.  The fish extender really added a level of fun to our stay!  While they are not at all necessary when sailing, they are definitely fun!  If you want to participate in the fun, are not too difficult to make.  This being said, people enjoying bring a fish extender with them on their cruise whether traveling in a group.  If you decide to bring your own, perhaps bring a few gifts along for others with fish extenders too!  This enriches the fun for everyone!

Also, in recent months, Disney has added a policy where by guests who damage their door can be charged $100 per incident to cover the costs of repairs.  The Fish Extenders seen on most of the cruises are hung from a fish hook located to the left or right of the door.  The use of  a string and soft backed Fish Extender should prevent any damage to occur to this portion of the ship as well.  However, you should be aware of the policy before you decide to participate in the Fish Extenders.

Be sure to pack along your fish extender and the fun gifts for everyone!  If you are interested in booking your Disney Cruise Line experience, contact Kristen at Magical Journeys today!


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  1. Babs Williams
    September 13, 2013 at 6:25 pm

    Looking for others on The (Sept 26, 2013) Disney Dream Cruise. Need information about the Fish Extenders. Have 3 grandchildren 7,5,3 that want to participate in the Extenders.
    Thanks in advance,

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