What every person Must Snack on while at Disney World

Disney World is not only about rides, shows, characters and food it’s also about the snacks that keep you going through-out the parks!

I have compiled a list of what my must eat Snacks are while at Disney World.

  1. Mickey's Ice Cream Bar

    Mickey’s Ice Cream Bar

    The Mickey Bar. My old-time favorite, an ice cream bar in the shape of the “boss”. In the spirit of a Dove chocolate premium ice cream bar, the Mickey Bar is a grown up treat in a childhood favorite shape. Premium vanilla ice cream is encased in a thick coat of dark chocolate, and can be found at nearly every ice cream kiosk through the parks and at every resort gift shop. If dark chocolate isn’t your thing, but you still want the experience of an ice cream Mickey, you can also find Mickey Cookies and Cream ice cream sandwiches. This snack is included in the Disney Dining Plan.

  2. Dole Whips

    Dole Whips

    Dole Whips. This refreshing dessert can be found exclusively in the Magic Kingdom park’s Adventureland at the Aloha Isle and at the Polynesian Resort’s Captain Cooks quick serve restaurant. A Dole Whip is a pineapple soft serves nondairy dessert, much like a sorbet. It is served in cups, on a cone and even as a float with fresh pineapple juice. The Aloha Isle offers fresh pineapple spears and vanilla soft serve in a float with pineapple juice, but it’s the Dole Whip that is the classic favorite!

  3. Smoked Turkey Legs at Disney World

    Smoked Turkey Legs at Disney World

    Smoked Turkey Leg (All theme parks):If you are in the mood for a  savory snack, then look no further than the nearest turkey leg cart. Each enormous drumstick is smoked to perfection and makes a great snack or small meal. This snack is not included in the Disney Dining Plan.

  4. kaki gori

    kaki gori

    Kaki-Gori (Japan Pavilion, Epcot):This sweet and fruity cold confection is a great snack for a hot summer day. Kaki-Gori is shaved ice, hand-shaped into an enormous snowball and topped with fruit syrup. Flavors include Strawberry, Tangerine, and Honeydew, or a rainbow combination of all three flavors. This snack is included in the Disney Dining Plan.

  5. fudge at Disney World

    fudge at Disney World

    Fudge. No one does fudge like Disney. Sold in boxes in every shop and found behind the counters at several locations including the Magic Kingdom Confectionery, Seashore Sweets on the Boardwalk, and Goofy’s Candy Company at Downtown Disney, this fudge comes in every flavor under the sun! Seasonal favorites include eggnog and pumpkin and are paired next to classic favorites like cookies and cream, walnut, butterscotch, and chocolate peanut butter. Select one or two large pieces to eat now, or box up a collection to take home. The quality and flavor are intense and delicious and will satisfy any fudge connoisseur.

  6. Mickey shaped rice krispie treats

    Mickey shaped rice krispie treats

    Mickey Rice Krispie Treat. There is no shortage of snacks and desserts shaped like the Main Mouse at Disney, and this is no exception. Mickey Krispie Treats can be found at nearly every shop in every park and resort and come in several different varieties. You can find them plain, dipped in milk or white chocolate, with chocolate dipped ears, and covered in seasonal colored sprinkles. These are an excellent snack, dessert, or even a souvenir to take home after the vacation ends. This snack is included in the Disney Dining Plan..

  7. popcorn Disney style

    popcorn Disney style

    Popcorn (All theme parks):Fresh-popped popcorn is available every day at each of the Disney theme parks. If you are used to microwave popcorn, then Disney’s fresh, oil-popped corn will be a real treat! Boxes are the perfect size for a snack, or to share with a friend. This snack is included in the Disney Dining Plan.

  8. Dipped Apples

    Dipped Apples

     Apples (All theme Parks):  When you think of apples you don’t think snack well think again! Many of the candied and caramel apples sold on Disney property are made on Disney property. The apples are dressed in anything from the typical red candy shells, to chocolate, to plain caramel, and they’re accessorized with fudge, colored sugar, nuts, mini M&M’s, sprinkles, chocolate chips, “rocky road,” marshmallows, and more.

Please feel free to add your favorite snack while at Disney World!

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