What are the Costs of Getting to Port Canaveral for Your Cruise?

When planning on heading on a cruise that leaves from Port Canaveral, the port location for many of the Disney and other company cruise ships, be sure to also consider the cost associated with getting to that port.  This is something that is often overlooked when factoring in the costs of taking a cruise.


The Port is located about an hour from Orlando, FL at the following address:

Port Canaveral Terminal #A

9155 Charles M. Rowland Dr.

Port Canaveral, FL 32920.

Disney Transportation:

When traveling with the Disney Cruise Line, you can book transportation with Disney to get to the cruise ship port.  The buses owned by Disney will pick you up either at the Orlando International Airport or a Disney Resort in a bus with plush seating, similar to those which take you from the Orlando International Airport to a Disney Resort.  You can expect to store your luggage below the bus, while taking smaller bags, such as handbags, in the bus for the journey.  The cost for the Disney Transportation is as follows:

Description Cost
Any other one way transfer $35 per person
(Disney Resort to Port or Port to Resort/airport)
Land/Sea Package $70 per person
(round trip Airport to Resort, Resort to Port Canaveral, Port Canaveral to Airport)
Cruise Only $70 per person
(round-trip airport to Port Canaveral)

Drive to Port:

You can certainly drive to Port Canaveral if you so desire.  However, if you instead decide to drive to the port, you will need to plan to pay for parking charges.  The charges do vary depending on the number of days your cruise lasts but if you plan on traveling with a larger party, you can really save money on the costs of getting to the Port (assuming you do not have car rental costs incurred as well).  The parking costs per day are as follows:

  • $60.00 per parking space for the 3-night cruise
  • $75.00 per parking space for the 4-night cruise
  • $90.00 per parking space for the 5-night cruise
  • $105.00 per parking space for the 6-night cruise
  • $120.00 per parking space for the 7-night cruise

Other Means to Port: 

Should neither of these options suit your needs, you can always call a local taxi company or limousine service to take you to Port.  This option is quite expensive, but can be extremely convenient since you can be picked up from any location.   

Once at Port Canaveral:

Once you arrive at Port Canaveral, you will expect to have all of your paperwork inspected and your bags dropped off.  You will find your bags later placed outside your state-room.  Once you are free from your belongings, feel free to roam the Port.  You will find restrooms, chairs, televisions and many excited guests!

If you have children, be sure to look for the desk towards the cruise loading area to register your children for the Oceaneer’s Club.  The cast members will explain the Oceaneer’s Club and get your child an identification bracelet which will be worn throughout the cruise.  The use of these GPS bracelet helps the cast members keep track of all of the children during their visit to the Club.

Disney Dream Replica in Port Canaveral

Disney Dream Replica in Port Canaveral

Remember to carefully weigh all of the options and choose the one that will guarantee that you arrive on time! The ship will leave without you!

Once you get to the port (early, I recommend), you will have plenty of time to relax and wait for your cruise to begin!

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