Ways to Save Money using the Disney Resort Quick Service Restaurant

When planning a vacation to Disney, many are looking for ways to reduce the costs once they arrive in the Orlando area.  One really great way to do this is by utilizing the quick service restaurant in the Disney Resorts.  Here is how you can best use those restaurants to save you and your family on their Disney vacation:

  1. Take or buy foods that can be stored in a refrigerator.  These foods, such as milk, can be purchased from the Disney Resort’s shop for an average rate and used over the course of your vacation.  The approximate cost of a half gallon milk is $4.  The approimate cost of a pint is $2.  Considering there are 4 pints in the gallon, you can save $4 on the cost of half gallon milk versus purchasing the pints.
  2. Bring or buy items that can be microwaved.  My family has often brough muffins that can be stored in the fridge to keep them fresh, then later we use the microwave to warm them up.  Pop Century Microwave
  3. There are many items you need to make a meal in the value restaurant for free.  You can collect plates, utensils, sugar, half and half, jellies, condiments, napkins, and butter.  I use the butter on those muffins!
  4. There is hot water on tap.  There are also Twinings Teas available for free.  You will need to bring along your own cup to take advantage of the tea.  You can also use the hot water for coffee items such as Via, assuming you bring it along with you.Twinings Tea

These are just a few suggestions.  Considering that the cost of the average breakfast is approximately $10 per person per day, that could be a huge savings just for breakfast alone!

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