Watto’s Grotto at Hollywood Studios

Tucked way in the back of Hollywood Studios is Watto’s Grotto.   For those who frequent Hollywood Studios, you will remember this area as being the exit location for the Backlot Tour.  To get there, simply head to the Splash Fountain in the back of the park close to what used to be Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground and look for the Watto’s Grotto sign.  Once you approach, there is a huge sign as follows:

Watto's Grotto Sign

Once inside, you will find so many Star Wars items it is overwhelming!  What is even better are the displays of the items.  Here are a few of the photos of the area:

014_5600 014_5599

If you are interested in seeing soe of the great items that are for sale in Watto’s Grotto, head over to the DisneyStore.com and check out all of the great Star Wars gear!  Be sure to use code SHIPMAGIC to get free shipping on purchases of $75 or more.

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