Walt Disney World Character Signatures Tips

I wanted to follow-up on my previous post entitled “Can I get your signature please?” to give some extra tips for those who will be requesting a Disney character signature while on vacation in Disney World. My son and I headed to Disney World this past week and took along with us our hand-made pillow case.  We packed this item along with a book for helping to back the signatures, the case, and several colors of permanent marker.

Here is what I learned and would like to share:

1.  I heard all too late that I should have brought a sewing loop instead of a book so that the signatures could be done easily by the characters.  By sewing loop, I mean the loop that is often used by people who are hand sewing items such as cross stitch, etc.  The characters like for the fabric to be very tight while making the signatures.  Since I only had a book, I was able to twist the fabric behind the book so that it was as tight as possible.  I felt sort of bad though because the characters would make a stretching motion meaning to make the fabric tight.  Loop it!

2.  It takes a few minutes for the ink to dry.  So in the excitement, be sure that you do not fold the case on top of the wet ink!  This will cause running or the signature to be smudged.

I found that my son was perfectly happy with just Minnie and Mickey’s signatures.  He said that he had both of them watching him sleep that way.  We were sure to put the pillowcase on the pillows there at the Pop Century and then remembered to take it with us again the next morning back to the parks.

But, after sewing the case, my son only wanted the two signatures, Mickey and Minnie.  I said, ok.  Well, we can always get more in the future.  We continued to carry the pillowcase just in case he changed his mind.  It was not until the last full day that we were there that he decided that Duffy the Bear was worthy enough to sign his pillowcase!

It really was a lot of fun seeing many of the characters for us and having a purpose, of sorts, to accomplish by seeing each.  A souvenir that is now on his Thomas the Train themed bed and will remain with him in the years to come.  A great addition to our collection of Disney memorabilia and memories!


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