Inexpensive Walt Disney World Souvenir Ideas

If you are planning a vacation to Disney, people often request that you bring them home a souvenir from your vacation.  As you walk through the Disney gift shops, you may notice that the prices for the Disney t-shirts, towels, stuffed animals and the like are fairly expensive.  If you have several people on your list to buy for, the cost of these trinkets could really add up.

Meet the Magic loves to help everyone save money for or while on their Disney vacation with ideas such as Strategies for Paying for Disney.  So, here are a few ideas to help you get everyone a great souvenir for inexpensive price:

1. Pressed Pennies – These little trinkets are cute reminder of your vacation and can be found in a variety of characters. Some even enjoy adding holes to the top of the pressed penny to create a necklace or bracelet charm. Find the pressed penny stations in Disney theme parks and resorts.

2. A golf ball – If you plan on heading to the Disney golf courses, you can purchase one of the souvenir golf balls for small prices. They typically include a character photo on them, making them that much more fun for the golf fan.

Character signature photo matte – Here is a set of 10 mattes for only $12.99. You could take the mattes with you in the parks and get the character signature that is the favorite for the gift recipient. Click here to grab these. You could even include a photo of you with the characters with this gift or have the gift receiver choose the photo. This is really a great gift idea if you have several people to buy for. Note: Remember, the characters will only sign one or two signature per meet. So to get this gift for several people, you will need to visit several characters!

A character signed pillow case – Of course, pillow cases are typically purchased in pairs. Therefore, if you have two people to purchase gifts for, this is a perfect idea! You can purchase them for mini prices here.

What other ideas do you have for inexpensive souvenir ideas for the loved ones at home?

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