Walt Disney World Annual Average Temperatures

One of the primary things to check when going on any vacation is the weather!  This will help you plan for your vacation and help you alter your packing list to better accommodate your needs.

Average Temperatures per Month for Walt Disney World (Provided by Weather.com):

Month Avg. High Avg. Low
January 71 49
February 74 52
March 78 56
April 83 60
May 88 66
June 91 72
July 92 74
August 92 74
September 90 73
October 85 66
November 79 59
December 73 52

However, even with the best of planning using averages, it is even better to use actual temperatures after you are within 10 days of your date of travel.  Be sure to pack ponchos regardless of the weather report as Florida is famous for short showers daily!

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