Visit the latest Innoventions Attraction Colortopia

The Innoventions locations in Epcot have been going through some changes in the past few months.  There have been many of the attractions which have been removed while others have been added. One of the newest additions to the mix is Colortopia  presented by Glidden.  This attraction is broken down in three sections as follows:

  • The first experience includes the “Power of Color Theater” which is narrated by Ty Burrell who provides humor in combination with various colors and sounds to explore the psychology of color.  The colors are extremely bright and vibrant.
  • The second experience includes the use of color and a fun game in “The Color Lab”.  Here guests mix red, greens and blues to try to create a color which is generated by “The Color Lab” game.  Using the mixture of colors, the first guest to get to the proper mix of colors gets a greater amount of points in the game.  Mix the appropriate color at all and still receive a smaller amount of points.


  • In the final experience, guests are invited to “Color Our World”.  Once inside, guests are given a magic paintbrush which is used to paint a variety of storylines displayed on the wall.  014_5762The magic paintbrush is “dipped” into a bucket of a variety of colors and each color creates a different experience.  014_5764Change the color, you can change the experience.  This is a wildly fun activity for guests of all ages. .





Following the close of the experience, you are invited to continue the experience with the Colortopia mobile app



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