Various Ways to Decorate Your Disney Magic Band

If you are planning to stay at a Disney Resort or if you purchased your own Magic Bands, you might consider decorating them!  There are a huge number of ways to decorate your band.

Purchasing Magic Band Upgrades

If you are looking to add flare to your bands, you can certainly find a variety of additions called MagicBandits.  These are added to the holes found in the Magicbands.  Here is one for Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas:

Nightmare Before Christmas Magicbandits

There are other styles of these MagicBandits available for themes such as Mickey Mouse, the Theme Parks, and Frozen.  Check them out here by searching for “MagicBandits” once on the site.

Disney also makes Magicsliders which slide over the whole band.  Here is a Mickey Mouse themed one available:

MagicslidersBoth of these items are a great way to add personality to your Magicband.

Make Magicband Upgrades:

There are a wide variety of ways to upgrade your Magicband with items you have around your house.  In fact, you can head over to Pinterest to check out all of the Do It Yourself (DYI) suggestions for Magicbands.  Wanting to attempt to do my own upgrade to (one of my many) Magicbands, I used only a black permanent marker.

Decorated Magicband

I created a band that features a honey pot and bees flying around the band.  If I had had additional colors, this might have been a bit more entertaining to look at.  Either way, this is a quick and easy way to add some character to your band.  Besides using colored permanent markers, you could also use cloth sleeves over the band or glue ribbons to the band.

Of course, the choice is yours!  We would love to see your decorated Magicbands.  Please show them by adding them to our Facebook wall here.  Chances are high they will look better than mine above!


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