Universal Studios Islands of Adventures – The Incredible Hulk

Name of Attraction:

The Incredible Hulk
Opening Date:

March 28, 1999


As visitors enter the queue they see that they have entered the labs of Bruce Banner and can view the story of the Hulk from television monitors found throughout the labs.    As visitors learn about the Hulk, they are also able to spy the coasters soaring above through large holes in the lab walls.

Once the guest boards the train, they enter a Gamma Tube where they hear the voice of Bruce Banner stating, “Everything looks good…I think…I think this time it’s…going to work!”  Soon, guests hear a female voice announcing that there has been a malfunction, followed by Bruce Banner screaming, “”No. No! No!!!”   As guests hear the final scream by Mr. Banner, the train propels guests forward to 40 mph upwards and out of the Gamma Tube.  The train then goes through a barrel roll, then down a 105 foot drop into a cobra roll.  Guests then are thrust into a vertical loop, then a tunnel filled with mist before heading through a corkscrew.  Two-banked turns leads the train to a corkscrew and turn towards the on-ride camera.  The train comes to a stop with a loud roar, then leads guests to view their ride photos.

Approximate Length:

2 minutes, 15 seconds

Opinion or personal story about the Attraction:

Many times when visiting Disney World as a teen, I wondered where the huge thrill rides were.  When I first went to Universal Studios, I was so excited to finally get to ride huge roller coasters!  When I rode it, I quickly saw that this ride did not disappoint!  The quick run through the Gamma Tube, then into inversion make me immediately speechless!  I was so amazed by the ride, I rode it again.  The second visit through the Gamma Tube made me a bit dizzy and was never again redone!  This is easily the best thrill ride in all of Orlando that I have experienced.



2 comments for “Universal Studios Islands of Adventures – The Incredible Hulk

  1. Jud
    December 27, 2011 at 6:58 am

    Approximate Length:

    First time: forever- and then you discover you are only at the hald way point, the second half of the ride being out of site from the grounds of the park.

    Opinion or personal story about the Attraction:

    I rode this.

    At the time that I rode this, that would have been a more alarming statement to those who knew me.

    I don’t do coasters.

    I didn’t intend to do this coasster.

    I visited the “new” Islands of Adventure one day, and as it was a slow time of year, I was one of a hand full of people in the park, and given that there was no one in line for Hulk, I decided to “walk the queue” just to check out how well it was or was not themed.

    Becuase there was no one else in line, I passed quickly up the ramps, and before I realized it, and while still looking around at the colors and forms and icons on the walls and in the architecture, I had unwittingly passed through the gate and been guided into a seat by a Crew Member, and a massive and irreversible chest restraint had been lowered over my upper body in the front row.

    As the train inched forward to launch position, and Bruce started talking about the possibility of succes this time, I suddenly remembered I didn’t want to ride this thing-

    And we launched!

    Have riden it a few score times since.

    And am still alive.



  2. dockfam
    July 7, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    As I get older I’m developing anxieties I’ve never had before. Therefore, I couldn’t bring myself to ride this last summer but my husband, dad and son did and they loved it!

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