Top Items to Skip at Disney World to Save Money

When you are planning a vacation to Disney World, there are many things to consider.  When booking your vacation through the website, you will be asked about many add-ons to your trip.  Some do not know if they will or will not need these additions but often add them “just in case”.   If you are planning a vacation to Disney, here are some suggestions of this that you can skip in order to save yourself some money.

Top Items to Skip at Disney World to Save Money:

  • Skip the Dining Plans – When traveling to Disney, you can choose to purchase a dining plan.  There are several different ones to choose from.  I have been on several of the dining plans and have not found that I was able to fully take advantage of them.  To fully take advantage of the plans, you really should be a big eater.  I just cannot eat enough food to compensate for the purchase of the plans.  I also do not enjoy wondering/worrying about how many points I have used or have left over for use in the days to come.  I simply want to eat when and where I want to without worry about how much I should be eating, what is included and if I am getting my money’s worth out of the plan.
  • Buy one souvenir – Everyone always jokes that all Disney attractions end in a gift shop.  This actually is often true with attractions exit being right beside or in a gift shop.  Children and adults alike cannot resist the need to get a souvenir from this store and that one leading to a much larger vacation cost than would otherwise occur.  Not to deprive anyone a souvenir, work at everyone only getting one souvenir.  Try to encourage that it be something memorable and long lasting. 

    Disney World Main Street Silhouette Cart

    Disney World Main Street Silhouette Cart

  • Skip the Park Hopper Upgrade – When you are buying your tickets, you can add the upgrade of a park hopper.  This feature allows you to be able to hop from one park to another in one day.  Tickets are upgradable at any point.  Therefore, you can upgrade the ticket to a park hopper once you arrive and make certain that you have the energy to use it:)
  • Use the Disney Bus System – If you are traveling to Disney, you should consider using their bus system rather than renting a vehicle.  This can save you hundreds of dollars off of the cost of your vacation.  Traveling on the Disney buses takes the stress of finding the parks and the hotels out of your hands.  If you are planning on traveling to Universal Studios Orlando, there are services such as this one from Florida Dolphin Tours that will transport you between Disney and Universal.  The cost is inexpensive.  Check them out on Groupon here.

  • Bring your own meals or split meals – Adults are allowed to purchase the kid’s meals!  If you did not know that, you are missing out.  Kids meals are rather large and often include 2 sides, a drink and the main meal.  I usually am able to get a kid’s meal and get full enough that I have a side item left over for a snack later.  The kid’s meals are usually $6 – $10. I have purchased them at both the quick and table service locations without issue.  Another great way to save money is to split meals with someone.  This will usually allow you plenty to eat and give you a great excuse to get a snack at a fun location later!

    Disney World Kids Meal

    Meal in Disney World

These are just a few of the great ways to save while on your trip.  Remember, bring snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses and other items along with you on your trip to make the trip more enjoyable and less costly!

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