Top Five Things My 2 Year Old Most Enjoyed at Walt Disney World

Janine and Daughter in Downtown Disney

Janine and Daughter in Downtown Disney

When vacationing in Disney World with my 2 year-old daughter, she loved her time on holiday!  Of all of the experiences, here were the top 5 things:

5.  Eating sweets all day long.  Well, they sort of count as food and she needed to keep up her sugar intake to stay awake 😉

4.  Wearing ‘dress up’ clothes all day.  Where else can you parade around in your Princess dress or Minnie ears (or both) and be the norm, not the odd one out?

3.  Presents!  Thanks to mummy wanting a house full of Disney memorabilia and grandparents providing pocket-money Tink had a present from the Parks every visit.  It’s no wonder we had to buy another suitcase while we were there but Tinks bedroom is even more resplendent with Princesses and could easily be mistaken for The Disney Store.

2.  Meeting characters, especially Mickey and Jake.  Tink LOVED the characters, which was a huge relief as when we visited Disneyland Paris last June, she was terrified!  This time she was in her element, but by far the best interaction was with Mickey, always a firm favourite of hers and the new love of her life, Jake who is apparently her boyfriend.  Good job he’s only 6 …

1.  Spending all day everyday with mummy and daddy.  I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mum, so I’m with Tink all the time.  But someone has to earn the money so that we can go and see Mickey and that onus falls on my husband.  Tink is used to waving daddy off to work, then getting a short time with him in the evening before she goes to bed.  Having all that time together, the 3 of us, was pure heaven for her, and us.

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