Top Disney Crafts for Your Next Trip

While you are waiting to go on your next Disney vacation, it is always fun to create your own Disney crafts to pass the time!  These crafts are not only fun but will help you not only get ready for the vacation. So, here is a list of some fun ideas of things to do while you prepare for your upcoming Disney vacation:

  • Create a packing list that will suite your family.  You could even create one that is customized for each person in your traveling group.  Here is a HUGE list that will help you get started.  Getting a list ready for your little one can also be fun as they will feel part of the packing tasks!
  • Create a Disney Countdown.  If you have a pinterest account, simply go to the search line for Pinterest and type in the word “Disney Countdown” and you will find all sorts of calendars that are right for you and your family!  Some of these calendars are as easy as printing off an adorable page for you and your family to mark off the days while others will need pain, stickers, and ribbons for completion.
  • Create a custom Disney Tee shirt.  Again, you can go online to Pinterest and find a huge amount of ideas for Disney custom tee shirts.  One great idea is a tye-dye Mickey Mouse shirt.  This idea is quite easy to accomplish by simply buying an inexpensive white tee shirt and dyes, using a black dye to complete your Mickey Mouse head.  This is really just the tip of the iceberg on this idea.  There is a ton of ideas out there.  Simply head to Pinterest now!
  • Created Disney Pillow Case.  One of my son’s favorite crafts is a pillow case I had made him quite a while ago.  I made the pillow case, though they can be bought very inexpensively here.  When I created the pillow case shown here, I as sure to use buttons to create a Mickey Mouse.  We pack the pillowcase when we travel to Disney and have since collected signatures of many of the Disney characters using a Sharpie Marker.

    Disney Character Signature Pillowcase

    Disney Character Signature Pillowcase


  • Disney window accessories for your room.  Head over to your local DollarStore and pick up some inexpensive items for decorating your Disney resort window!  It is super fun.  My son loved that I displayed photos of his previous trip on the window.  It was actually my son’s birthday but the display can be done anytime of year!

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