Top 5 Money Saving Tips with a Pre-schooler

When planning a vacation with a pre-schooler, you are certainly in for a treat!  Their wonder and amazement for the attractions is nothing short of adorable.  However, those cute little faces can also be rather expensive!

To help you stay the course on your Disney budget, here are the Top 5 Money Saving Tips when traveling with a preschooler.

The List

1.  Eat in the room.  When it is appropriate, just go ahead and plan to eat in the room.  Children typically love to eat what they are most familiar with eating when at home.  When I traveled with my son when he was a preschooler, he did not care about eating out at all.  He preferred eating things that he was most familiar with instead.  I would take breakfast foods we typically ate at home.  This not only allowed him a bit more time to sleep in in our hotel room, but also saved us money.  Luckily, I had found who would deliver the foods right to my hotel room, no matter where I was staying in Orlando!  Everyone I have ever spoke to that has used their service says they WILL be using them again on their upcoming trips!

Garden Grocer

4.  Taking snacks and drinks to the parks.  The parks offers many, many gooey, sticky, unhealthy snacks which definitely appeal to a little one!  I wanted my son to have foods and drinks that were not too sugary.  Thus, I would simply add some of the snacks to my bag for us to enjoy throughout the day.  It is nice to have those snacks while standing in line as well, making the line less annoying to my son!

3.   Be sure to pack favorite items. There is comfort to little ones in having an item from home to enjoy.  My son would always carry his train with us around the parks. It gave him something to play with while waiting in line and for some reason, carrying a toy was just his thing.  Never without a toy in hand. Never.

EPCOT Germany Pavilion Train Watch

EPCOT Germany Pavilion Train Watch

4.  Plan ahead for the journey.  Bring along things that will make the journey to Orlando, travels to the parks and between the parks more enjoyable.  These items can include books, recording, coloring books, etc.  Also, when planning be sure to check the weather and prepare for the temperatures or rain that may be headed to Orlando.

5.  One souvenir a day.  Just about every single Disney attraction ends in a Disney store specifically tailored for the attraction you just finished experiencing.  In my case, my son has always loved looking through every single store.  I usually have to pull him out of the stores.  To help cut on the cost of the souvenirs, I limit him to one small souvenir or item per day.  Sometimes this might include a pressed penny.  Other days it might be a set of pins to trade.  The limit will cut down on the discussions about souvenirs throughout the trip.

If you have tips of your own, share them here in the comments!

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