Top 5 Christmas Trees in Walt Disney World

If you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World over the Holidays this year prepare to be blown away with the decorations! Disney goes to infinity and beyond in decorating the Parks and Resorts this time of year. I have visited Disney World the past two years in a row during the month of December and I have compiled a list of my top 5 most favorite Christmas trees throughout the Parks and Resorts. In order they are as follows:


Main Street Plaza Christmas Tree - Magic Kingdom

#5 Main Street Plaza Christmas Tree         Magic Kingdom

5.     Main Street Plaza Christmas Tree.  The Main Street Plaza Christmas Tree is found at the foot of Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. The tree is set up after the taping of the Christmas Parade which usually takes place the first week of December. This tree hold 2,365 ornaments and is the center of all the decor and amazing sights that can be found on Main Street U.S.A. during the Holidays.


Contemporary Resort Gingerbread Tree

#4   Contemporary Resort Gingerbread Tree

4.     The Contemporary Resort Gingerbread Tree. This amazing 17 foot tree is made from over 136 pounds of honey, 211 pounds of flour, 101 eggs, 27 pounds of spices, 15 pounds of sugar syrup, 98 pounds of icing, 151 pounds of chocolate, and over 2,000 gingerbread shingles! The rumor is there are over 14 hidden Mickey’s within this very tree!



#3    Grand Floridian Christmas Tree

#3 Grand Floridian Christmas Tree

3.  Grand Floridian Christmas Tree.  The Grand Floridian Christmas Tree can be found in the main lobby of the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. As you can see from the photograph this towering white-lit tree stands over three stories tall. The tree has a Victorian flair to it with old fashioned ornaments. The tree itself is absolutely breathtaking. There is a PhotoPass photographer at the tree and this is definitely a photo op you do not want to miss.


#2    Animal Kingdom Lodge

#2 Animal Kingdom Lodge

2.    Animal Kingdom Lodge Tree.  The tree at the Animal Kingdom Lodge is absolutely breathtaking. This tree stands four stories tall in the Resort atrium and is decorated in traditional African decor. There are safari-themed bows, animal print ornaments, animal ornaments, and African instruments. The atrium has many chairs and couches where you can sit and simply stare at the enormous tree before you.


#1    Wilderness Lodge Christmas Tree

#1 Wilderness Lodge Christmas Tree

1.     Wilderness Lodge Christmas Tree.  The number one tree on my list is by far the Christmas tree found in the lobby at the Wilderness Lodge. This massive tree stands over four stories tall and is decorated with native American ornaments, plaid ribbons with lighted tee-pees.There is something about the Wilderness Lodge during the Holidays that makes it a favorite Resort with guests. Everywhere you look inside this Resort you will find Christmas decorations such as a giant wreath, garlands hanging from the upper railings, and red poinsettias. There is even a fireplace in the lobby regardless of how warm it may be outside. Disney has themed this Resort to make you feel as though you are in a log cabin in the middle of winter. Where else would you want to celebrate Christmas with your family?





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