Top 10 Easiest Ways to Save on Your 2015 Disney Vacation

If you are planning a vacation to Disney World, you might be interested to learn a few ways to help you save for your vacation!  To help you get the most out of your money, here is a great list of the easiest ways to save for your 2015 Disney vacation!

No matter what you have budgeted for your vacation, it is always a great idea to think through ways that will help you and your family save money.  Not all of these are something that you will agree with but feel free to leave us a comment following to suggest any other ways you enjoy saving for your Disney vacation.

10.  Accommodation Needs – Remember as you are planning your vacation what is most important for your accommodation needs.  In my family, what is most important is the time we have together.  We know that time will mostly be spent hanging out together in the parks in line for an attraction.  As such, we do not spend a great deal of money on our accommodations.

Disney Pop Century Resort Room Two Beds

Disney Pop Century Resort Room Two Beds

We have stayed in some of the nicer resorts on property and some of the terrible ones that are off property. There are definitively lessons to be learned in both of those examples!  My take away for my family is that we want nice accommodations that are moderately priced.  We do not spend a lot of time in our room so the deluxe or expensive resorts do not make sense for us.  When booking your accommodations, be sure to think through your needs so you get accommodations that are to your likings.

9.  Skip the Park Hoppers – Park hoppers tickets allow you to “hop” from one theme park to the other on one ticket.  There is a cost associated with this.  You can choose to purchase this addition to your ticket when you originally purchase your ticket.  For instance, if you buy a 5 day ticket, you can add-on the park hopper feature and be able to use the park hopper feature on all 5 days you are visiting the parks.  Many people who purchase the expensive park hopper feature find that they do not use it at all!  That is money down the drain!

What to do instead?  Get a regular ticket and only visit one park per day.  This will save you quite a bit of money at $64 per person. Should you decide that you cannot do without it, you can always add it on once you get to the parks.

8.  Get Groceries Delivered to your Room – My family has saved so much money by having groceries delivered to our resort.  This allows you the opportunity to save money by eating breakfasts in your room and to also help you snack from those groceries instead of through purchases while in the parks.  You can even get items such as beer and wine delivered direct to your hotel!  What better way to unwind after a busy day than with a glass of wine and some cheese and crackers!  When thinking of grocery delivery, be sure to check out Garden Grocer for top-notch service and food choices!  They are even offering additional money savings for ordering early.  Be sure to check it out here!

Garden Grocer

7.  Use Credit Cards –  Find yourself a credit card for everyday purchases that will help you pay for your Disney vacation.  I personally use the Premier Chase Disney Visa card.  This card allows you to get 2% in Disney “dream dollars” that can be added to a Disney gift card and used while on your Disney vacation.  While this is not the only credit card that can be used to help you pay for your Disney vacation, this is the one I enjoy using.  Choose wisely and be sure to pay off the card monthly so you do not owe any fees, etc.

6.  Use Disney Gift Cards – I have had great success at buying Disney gift cards for paying for my Disney vacation.  You can get them at a discount.  I have been able to get them at up to 13% off!  Be sure to read the details here on how to achieve this!

5.  Take a Day Off from the Parks – There is nothing like a “free” day when visiting Disney.  There are so many great things to do while in Disney and many are free.  Be sure to check out this huge list that will help you fill an entire day with free things to do!

All Star Sports Pool

4. Share a Meal – Why not share a table service meal?  This can certainly save you quite a bit of money.  Even if you decide to also purchase an appetizer, you will likely save on the total cost of the meal.  This also works out on counter service meals.  For example, if you are getting burgers, someone get the combo and the other person get just the burger.  Then you can share the fries and the drink and save yourself some money!

3.  Don’t Travel Alone – A great way to save yourself money is by traveling with someone.  I travel with my mom, my friends and my son.  I cannot split the cost with my son (though I have tried:) ) but I certainly can when traveling with my mom and friends!  This helps to cut the cost down by half on the accommodation.  Actually, this is one of the ways I am able to visit the park more frequently!

2.  Don’t Overbuy – If you are traveling with a child, they will likely want to buy one of everything!  My son wants the souvenir after each attraction. He wants to buy the glow items during the fireworks shows.  He wants to buy and buy.  Just practice saying no over and over in all of these situations.  Also, remember not to overbuy when you are booking your reservations and ditch the dining plan, for example.  This will certainly save you loads on your vacation!

Here is a list of some very inexpensive souvenirs that might help you also save some money!

Disney Pressed Penny Machine

Disney Pressed Penny Machine

1. Save our Savings –  What does that mean?  It means, save money by using coupons or apps that help you save money on your daily purchases.  These apps might be Find n Save, Snap by Groupon or Retail Me Not.  These apps really save me a load of money!  I also use coupons on food and groceries.  When I use them, I set aside the money I saved to help me save for my next vacation.

We hope you find this list to the be easiest ways for you to save on your 2015 Disney vacation.  If you think of other great ways to save, be sure to leave your favorite ways to save here in the comments.

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