This is How YOUR Packed Items Can Save you $100s While on Vacation in Disney

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Here is a great way to save over $100 off of the cost of your next Disney vacation with items you add to your packed luggage.  While the possibilities are endless, here is my list of items that will help you save not only the money, but also time!  And the more time you have freed up, the more time you will have on your vacation for attractions.

The BEST ways to save both money and time:

  • Breakfast items – Some quick and easy to pack items are breakfast or protein bars, drink mixes, such as chocolate add-ins for chocolate milk or carnation instant breakfast mixes.  This will save a minimum of $5 per person per breakfast.  The ability to grab items from your room for your breakfast will certainly save you time against standing in line in your resort or at the parks.
  • Snack items – The imagination can run wild here but certainly items such as trail mix and dried fruits are easy to pack and do not weigh a lot.  This will save a minimum of $4 per person per snack.  Not only will you save the time it takes to figure our which snack you most want, but you will not have to stand in the lines for those snacks.
  • Take only what will load on the flight for free – If you are planning on flying to Disney, find out what you are able to carry on your flight for free.  If you are flying an airline that does not allow free baggage check-in, you should consider carrying the allowed amount of luggage as a carry-on.  Be sure to read the restrictions on the bag sizes.  If your bag is too full for carrying on the plane, you may consider (laugh later) wearing the more bulky items you are packing such as tennis shoes (instead pack the flip-flops), jackets, and jeans.  These items take up a lot of extra space!  If traveling on a flight that charges for luggage check-ins, that can save you $25 to $50.  What is also great about not checking in luggage is all the time savings that would otherwise be used to turn in and pick up the luggage.
  • Leave items at home – If you are worried that you will have a bag weighs more than the allowed amount by the airline for free check-in or carry-on, be sure to take a second look at your items you plan to pack.  Items such as beach towels when staying at a Disney Resort (and most other Resorts) is not necessary but does take up loads of space in a suitcase.  You may find that you can take a smaller suitcase as a carry on if you eliminate the non-essential items such as the towels.  Again, this could save you about $50, the typical charge for overweight luggage.  Also, consider, if you have less items in your room, you will have less items to unpack and pack again while on vacation!
  • Get the items when you get there – There are many items you can get once you get to the Resort.  For instance, if you know you will be eating breakfasts in the room, you can head up front at the Resort and pick up many needed supplies such as paper plates, plasticware, bowls, etc.  Also know that many times you can get a variety of breakfast foods from the Resort shop.  This can help you save room in a overpacked bag as well.
  • Pack an extra bag – It is loads better to go ahead and pack two bags, if allowed by your airline, than to overpack one bag.  The use of two bags will help to reduce fears that your bag will be overweight!  The extra bag will also help you in packing since you will likely not need to pack all the items as tightly!
  • Pack souvenir items specific to the Disney vacation – Purchase items such as t-shirts, stuffed animals, etc. Just a single shirt at Disney costs at least $20.  If purchased from the local Wal-mart before heading to Disney, you likely will pay less than $10, a 50% savings.  While there are tons of opportunities to buy souvenirs, the lines to purchase those items can take up quite a bit of time.
  • Pack nighttime fun items – Regularly sold during the nighttime shows are items that light up.  Children absolutely love these items!  They are an average of $10 per item.  Sold at The Dollar Store are Princess Plastic Light-Up Wand and Tiara Sets.  These are great for girls.  The boys will also like the Light-Up Spiders or Sticks.  Of course, these are only $1, a $9 savings!

If you have some suggestions of items to pack to help you save even more money, please share them here for everyone!

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