Things in Universal Studios NEVER Seen in Disney World

Disney World is a land of magic and wonder created specifically by using a huge variety of rules specified by the company.  These rules make each of their lands, sections, restaurants have a certain look and feel to them that is unmatched in nearly any other establishment in the world.  While on most of my vacation to Disney World, I enjoy time a few days in the Universal Studios theme parks.  Knowing some of the standards required of the Cast Members in Disney World in both costume but in respect for the guests, I am always intrigued by the vast differences between the Walt Disney theme parks and those found within a few miles at the Universal Studios Orlando parks.

To illustrate some of the things you will see in Universal Studios that you would never seen in Disney World, consider these photos:

  • Here you will find a photo of a Universal Cast Member in his uniform for working the Shrek 4-D attraction in front of the Transformers’ attraction.  Not only is this Cast Member not at his attraction, but he is instead having leisure time talking with the Transformer attraction Cast Member.  In Disney World, Cast Members are not allowed to travel from one attraction to the next as it would break the magical feel of being in one area’s attraction.

Universal Cast Members Talking

  • While in a Universal theme park, I found it rather entertaining that there was a Mickey Mouse shaped balloon.  When would you go to a Disney theme park and see one of Universal’s famous balloons?  (I know, what famous Universal balloon!)

Disney Balloon in Universal

  • While this is not the best photo, if you click on the photo you will see that this Transformers Cast Member is wearing an earring.  This is a Cast Member no-no in Disney World for men.  As I previously mentioned, there are many rules Disney Cast Members must follow and this is one that must be followed.

Universal Cast Member with Earring

  • Here you can see a Cast Member at Universal walking around with a backpack on.  Again, this is not something you will see at Disney’s theme parks.  Many of the Cast Members at Disney use hidden entrances to their attraction location to avoid having the Guests see such things.

Universal Cast Member with Personal Items

  • While this is not unheard of in the Disney theme parks, this definitally does ruin the magic a bit.  In this photo you can see the Hogwarts Express train traveling behind the New York streets in Universal Orlando.  As you might know, this train is supposed to be traveling through London to Hogwarts.  The location of this is at the end of one dead end street.  However, it appears that it would have been easy enough to place a few more trees in that area to obstruct the view of the train traveling.

Wizarding World Hogwarts Express

While I do love Universal Studios, I with that they would up their standards when it comes to Cast Members.  You can certainly tell a difference in the Cast MEmbers attitudes when visiting one park versus the other and you can also easily see the difference in how they present themselves in front of the Guests.

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