The Ultimate Gift for the Disney Fan!

Disney Dooney and Bourke Wristlet

Disney Dooney and Bourke Wristlet

You know you are a Disney fan when you have taken our quiz, Disney Fan Must Do List, and can say you have done at least 90% of the adventures listed.  If you are planning a holiday gift for someone who is a Disney fan, chances are, they would love to get one of the following gifts:

  • Disney Pins – Disney Fans unite in how much fun they have in buying and trading pins.  If you have never traded pins, read here on how to begin trading like a pro!
  • A Disney Dooney and Bourke – Dooney and Bourke products are the made to last for years and years with highly durable materials used.  I used to purchase the less expensive handbags myself, having to get a new one every 3-4 months because it had worn out.  Then, I purchased a Dooney and Bourke and used it literally for years!  Though it was more expensive on the front end, it lasted so much longer and remained looking beautiful.  If you are interested in purchasing a Disney Dooney and Bourke, find out where you can purchase them here.
  • A vacation to Disney World!  – Even if you only have the date picked and the resort booked, it will make for a wonderful gift that can be booked now or even on Christmas day for giving as a Christmas gift!  Be sure to book through Magical Journeys so if any additional discounts come available between the day of booking and the vacation, you will be notified of the possible discount!  Complete the form here to get started on your magical vacation!
  • Get Theme Park Tickets at a discount for your upcoming Disney vacation!  Here is a great demonstration of the savings you can get from the
  • A Disney Cruise!  This is the ultimate exciting gift for a Disney fan!

What other gifts can you think of that should have been added to our list?

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