The TOP Ways to Prepare for your Disney World Vacation – Start TODAY!


A Disney vacation takes quite a bit of planning and thought.  In addition to all of the plans for dining, attractions, transportation needs and resort reservations, you should begin preparing for your vacation in other manners.  Here are the top ways for you to prepare for your Disney World vacation so you can make the most of your time in the parks:

  1. Find a favorite pair of shoes – Remember that you will be walking miles on each day you travel to the parks.  You will certainly want to be walking those miles in the most comfortable shoes possible.  If you are traveling to the parks with a bag, you might also want to carry a second pair of shoes with you to change into at some point throughout the day.  This will help you allow your feet a break and offer you less possibilities of getting blisters.  Over the course of my days in the parks, I find that wearing a pair of tennis shoes and carrying a pair of flip flops in my bag.  The flip flops are a great way (especially in the summer months) to allow your feet a way to cool off for a few hours during the day.
  2. Ramp up how far you walk – Again, you will be walking many miles.  If you or others in your party are not used to walking far distances, begin practicing now!
  3. Purchase bug spray and sunblock – There are many bugs and the hot sun that do not take vacations from Disney!  Be sure to pack these items as they can be quite expensive when purchased in the parks.
  4. Buy appropriate clothing – In the month before you head to Disney, be sure to check out the weather to see if you have the appropriate clothes.  If you are going during a time when it is expected to rain (nearly all year round), be sure to bring a rain coat or poncho.  Again, these items can be bought in the parks, but the price is high and the quality is low!
  5. Review the park maps – By reviewing the park maps, you will know what is available to make your trip that much better.  It will help you more easily find restaurants, restrooms or even the first aid station once you arrive in the parks for your vacation.  While you might not memorize where the locations are, you would be more familiar with the symbols used in the maps so you can find the locations with ease.

These are just a few of the ways to prepare.  If you have other suggestions, be sure to leave them in the comments!

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