The Top Tip for Preventing Seasickness on your Disney Cruise


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Are you planning a vacation aboard a cruise ship?  If so, you should consider if you or anyone in your travel party will experience seasickness.  There is really nothing worse than the feeling seasick when you are on a 3, 4 or 7 night cruise.  To the person that is not feeling well, it really can feel like a prison being stuck on the cruise ship knowing that the rocking on the ship is causing the sickness.  But what can be done to assist the person?

  1. Take along Dramamine I have taken along Dramamine in the adult and child version for the just-in-case situation.  My experience with the Dramamine product is that it causes me to be sleepy, similar to the feeling of taking a Benadryl.  Others are able to use Dramamine without issue though.
  2. Seabands If you are not able to take medicine because you are pregnant or for some other reason, Seabands can certainly be helpful.  These stop the feeling of being nauseous simply by wearing bands that add pressure to your pressure points on your wrist.  Many find these to be extremely helpful at managing the feeling of being seasick!
  3. Ginger pillsHere is a natural solution to seasickness.  On a recent cruise to Alaska, my husband reluctantly agreed to come along.  On past cruises, he has stayed in the room the entire trip as he suffered from seasickness.  On that Alaskan cruise, I persistently gave him ginger pills (just pure ginger in pill form) twice daily.  He never experienced seasickness for the entire cruise.  It was amazing!  It was a natural, inexpensive, non-drowsy solution to seasickness.

Be sure to prepare before you go on your cruise.  Once you get onboard, the costs for these items is much more expensive.  Also, it is better to prevent the seasickness instead of experiencing it and trying to correct it.  In the past, I have taken the ginger pills as soon as we got onboard, then as suggested throughout the entire cruise. 

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