The Top Needed Items to Make Long Journeys to Disney Bearable!

Some travels to Disney can be many, many hours or even a multi-day journey!.  Though your travels to Disney may be by train, boat, airplane or car, having something new to do, can really help pass the time!  I remember when I was young(er), when my parents would take my sister and I on a long road trip, we would be given a new “treat” at each stop along the way.  We would stop at a gas station, we would get a new coloring book or small toy.  This really made the drive more entertaining and gave my sister and I something new to explore as we journeyed along to our destination.

Perhaps you and your family want to also find new items to enjoy along your journey to Disney.  Here are a few items you may enjoy according to age category.  Click on any photo or link to nab the item:

Adults:   You can spend hours of time taking in a good book!  Along a drive, an audiobook really helps pass the time.

The Hunger Games

Children 5-10:  Children also really enjoy a great audiobook.  This one is highly loved and this one includes books 1 – 8!  That will give your children hours of entertainment!

Magic Tree House

Children 8 – Adult:  Rummikub is a wonderful game which will refine your reasoning and strategic skills!

Travel Rummikub

Children 12 – Adult:  A game that will leave everyone in the car laughing!  

Apples to Apples

Children of all Ages:  Kids love to draw.  This desk will help them keep organized and entertained!

Journey to the MagicJourney to the Magic

Alex:  Desk to Go

Children 3 – 5:  Nothing works a child’s mind like a puzzle.  These Melissa and Doug puzzles are wooden and include 48 pieces.  Each piece is large enough they cannot easily be lost!

Melissa and Doug Castle Puzzle

Melissa and Doug Pirate Puzzle

These are just some great suggestions to help you along on your travels to Disney.  If you have suggestions of your own, feel free to leave us a comment here!

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