The TOP 9 Ways to Stay Cooler while in a Disney Park

The hot days of vacationing to Disney World are coming and with that, you will certainly be looking for ways to stay cool.  The Florida heat makes many visitors irritable and makes those queues for attractions feel so much longer!  To help you beat the heat, here are 9 the top ways to stay cooler while in Disney World:

  1. Start your day off with sunglasses. This will help you reduce the amount of sun rays your eyes take in.  I am not sure about you, but after hours of squinting from the bright summer sun, my eyes truly feel more tired.  One of the best glasses I have ever owned are these Maui Jim Lighthouse sunglasses.  They are seriously light as a feather, do not pinch your head even after all day wear and provide excellent eye protection.  I highly recommend them!  In fact, my mom and friend have purchased them and LOVE them too! Click here to see the great sale they are having on these glasses!
  2. Maui Jim Lighthouse Polarized SunglassesSunscreen.  Goodness, do not forget to put on sunscreen!  If you do forget and have to purchase sunscreen once in the parks, know you will be paying about $20 for the bottle of $7 lotion.  Get some before you go!  Here is a bottle of Banana Boat Sports sunscreen for under $6.  While visiting one time, a Cast Member told me that sunscreen is one of the highest marked up items in the Disney parks!
  3. Request free water.  Most of the quick service locations around Disney World will give you a free cup of ice water upon request.  Do not be afraid to request one over and over!
  4. Use SPF clothing to prevent getting a sun burn.  You can get socks, short, shirts, etc. for everyone that includes SPF protection!
  5. Avoid caffeine, sugary or alcoholic drinks which dehydrate you.
  6. Use a Chilly Dana.  A what?  This is a bandana that is made by Frogg Toggs.  Simply put the bandana in water (the colder, the better!) and it will stay cool and wet for many, many hours.   The cost is less than $10 for the take with you air conditioning:
  7. Head back to the room or to a show during the hottest part of the day.
  8. Wear a hat or take along an umbrella.  There are a wide variety to choose from!  Here are a few that are even Disney themed:  Disney-themed hats and Disney-themed umbrellas.
  9. Wear breathable shoes and cotton clothing.

Prepare by taking along these items so you can be safe and enjoy your entire vacation!

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