The Top 10 Ways to Celebrate a Birthday in Disney World

If you are planning a vacation to Disney on your (or your friend or family member’s) birthday, there are many ways to celebrate this most magical experience!  The parks are packed with a variety of ways to celebrate which can be catered to the birthday celebrator.   Celebrating your birthday at Walt Disney World can be an extra MAGICAL experience!

Today, we will be letting you in on the TOP 10 ways to celebrate a birthday while in Disney World:

1.  Send a Disney Floral Arrangement or Gift.  To get started visit Disney’s website where you can pick out a wide variety of gifts which will be delivered upon your arrival or after your arrive, whichever you prefer.  The website has a variety of gifts for children of all ages.  There are also a great range of prices available for those on a gifting budget.  

2.  Grab a birthday button.  This will help you let others in on the celebration!  While you can often receive a free gift, you might also just be lucky enough to be given a cookie or other item!

Frozen Treats

Frozen Treats

3.  Wear a birthday tiara or sash.  Who does not want to feel like a princess while in one of the Disney World theme parks.  Here is a sash that is perfect for the parks. 619IRoPwi5L._SL1500_

4.  Order a birthday cake to be delivered during your Disney Dining experience.  To order one of these cakes, be sure to call 407.827.2253 at least 48 hours in advance so you can create a custom birthday cake which matches your birthday needs.

5.  Give a Character Signed Card.  Take along a birthday card and while visiting the character, request that they sign the birthday card.  Be sure to take along a pen for getting those signatures!

6.  Book a spa treatment that they will enjoy! For any age, a person will appreciate a visit to the spa.  The spas are phenomenal, offering great treats and wonderful, relaxing treatments.  To book your spa treatment, call 407.934.4772.

7.  Grab a Dining Reservation.  Disney is famous for its dining opportunities.  If planning for a birthday, be sure to check out all of the options which include exclusive, first class dining, character dining, buffets, and even dinner shows.  Plan ahead of time for these dining arrangements if specific character dining experiences are preferred!  Be sure to mention that there will be a birthday celebration during the dining experience!

8.  Bring along Disney-themed gifts.  Birthday gifts are so much fun and while in Disney World, Disney-themed gifts are especially fun!  Bring along gifts that will make each day fun for the birthday celebrator.  For instance, a Disney-themed shirt that proclaims, “I am celebrating my birthday!”

9.  Allow the person celebrating to plan the day!  No matter the age of the person celebrating their birthday, they just may appreciate being able to plan the entire day.  If the person celebrating is a child, they will certainly be excited to be allowed the benefit of planning the day so they can see all they ever wished for in Disney World on their special day!

10.  Play Miniature Golf, head over to see DisneyQuest, take a tour or the water parks.  There is so much fun to be had in doing one of these activities.  It would be great to custom design the experience for the person celebrating the birthday.

If you have an additional idea for celebrating this even, be sure to leave it in the comments here!


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