The Phanthom Manor – Disneyland Paris

Name of attraction:

Phanthom Manor, Frontierland, Disneyland Park, Paris

Opening date:

April 1992


Phantom Manor is similar to the Haunted Mansion rides at Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World. Guests are treated to a spooky back story in the Stretching Room, then board their Doom Buggy to view the haunted house style attraction. There are many special effects and animatronics along the way. This version of the ride follows a different story, similar to The Phanthom of the Opera rather than the tale of Madam Leota. Make sure you keep your eyes open for all the hidden extras and little surprises.

Length of attraction:

6 mins

Opinion or personal story about the attraction:

The Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom is the first Disney attraction I ever rode, and I loved it. So Phanthom Manor had a lot to live up to! It is, I think, very different from the WDW ride which is not necessarily a bad thing. I did think that it was a lot darker, both litterally and figuratively speaking. It is not a ride I would like to go tech while I was on it! Some bits were hard to follow as the story is totally different from the American versions, I will read the back-story properly before we return as with almost all things Disney there is a very detailed tale that goes with the show. I thought the theming was fantastic, the house itself seems a lot older and bleaker than its counterparts, like something from Hitchcock, which is just what the Imagineers intended.
Definately a good attraction but I was very glad I decided not to take our 2 year old on it, she would have been terrified.
Who else has been?
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