The Little Mermaid Ride in Disney’s California Adventure

I will be heading out to Disneyland for the D23 Expo in August and the excitement has begun!  In addition to heading to the Expo, I will be (of course) heading over to see Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure.  I have been to both of these parks in the past but really just love them so much!  If you have not had a chance to visit these parks, now is a great time as Disneyland is offering the following deal:

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To get everyone more into the spirit of Disneyland, here is the Little Mermaid Ride preview:

Thanks to InsideTheMagic for this great video!

1 comment for “The Little Mermaid Ride in Disney’s California Adventure

  1. disneyfan
    June 18, 2011 at 7:35 pm

    The ride was well….ok. My favorite part was descending into the bubbles. However, the rest of the ride looked thrown together to me. Like you were transported into a large auditorium with electronic prom decorations strewn about. Even the disco ball was clearly visible in the ceiling. I could not buy into the image of being underwater when I could clearly see the walls of the building I was in. Ariel’s hair at one point looked like a giant ice-cream cone. I did enjoy the “kiss the girl” scene except for the fish spouting plastic water streams.

    I guess I was expecting more detail a la Haunted Mansion. They could have projected images of water or something onto the walls, added some more rock formations, seaweed, something. This was a watered down version (no pun intended) of Small world with Clamshells to ride in instead of boats.

    But I am sure this will appeal to the younger than 5 crowd immensely.

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