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T. Rowe Price’s “The Great Piggy Bank Adventure” is currently located in EPCOT in the Innovations West building.  My son and I found this game one day after getting our photo taken with Mickey Mouse in the Chase Visa setup in the same Innovations building.  After doing this Piggy Bank Adventure for the first time, it became my 4-year-old son’s favorite attraction in EPCOT!

When becoming a T. Rowe Price Adventurer, you choose your adventure from a set of touch screens which vary from “the bedroom of your dreams” to a “retirement”.  Once the adventure is set, the adventurer moves on to three games where it is learned the best ways to save when faced with inflation, etc.  Upon your initial choice of adventure, the adventurer is given a pig for collecting all of the money made in each game of the adventure.  Cute enough, when first receiving the pig, he is silent.  As the games progress, the pig makes more and more noise as it is filled with all of the change you have earned.

Let me say that I have done each of these adventures (bedroom, retirement, etc.).  It took me about 30 tries to have even noticed that the pig makes the sound of change in a piggy bank representing the change made in each game of the adventure.  I mentioned this new innovative feature of change sounds inside the pig and my son said it has always made noise!  Really?   To my credit, my son absolutely NEVER lets me carry the pig and it is so very loud in there!  At least now my son has at grown out of crying when the game requires the pig to be returned upon completion of the adventure.  He does still pout a bit or even ask to immediately play the game again!

Originally, the adventurer knew they had won the game when they observed the pig “flying” up the yellow wall beside the adventurer when leaving the attraction.  This was to serve as a “good job” for winning the adventure.  However, on my most recent trip, I noticed that this feature no longer existed.  When I asked a cast member, she politely whispered (yes, whispered) to me that the “when pigs fly” is considered offensive to some.  I must have looked at her with a what-did-you-say look because I really could not understand what in the world she could be talking about.  And still I wonder, WHAT?!?

Overall, I will say that this Adventure is fun.  You should spend time in Innovations doing this and other similar attractions.  My personal favorite is the fun created by IBM.  It allows for the visitor to have fun while in the parks, as well as at home!  Check it out sometime soon!

5 comments for “The Great Piggy Bank Adventure – Innovative Fun

  1. Lynn
    September 23, 2010 at 6:03 pm

    Can’t wait to try this out when we go!!

    • September 23, 2010 at 7:33 pm

      It is pretty fun. But check out that IBM one! It is funny!

  2. Jennifer
    March 23, 2012 at 12:12 pm

    We love Innovations! And I remember when I was young, it was one of my favorite things to do at EPCOT. A lot of people might not even know it is there if they haven’t been to EPCOT before. It truly is a hidden gem! Thanks for showing us how much fun it is!

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