The Free and Best Souvenir from a Disney World Vacation

If you are planning on visiting Disney World on a budget, you might want to consider souvenirs are often one of the most expensive parts of a trip.  Many people do not even budget for this extra cost!  So, how do you manage the cost and still get a great souvenir?

Here is what my family does.

Long ago, I became the photograph of the family.  I do not mind taking along my camera on school trips, vacations, hikes, etc.  If we are going somewhere and I think that I might want to take a photo, I take the camera with me.  Even now in the day when a cellphone has a great camera, I still take along with me my Nikon D90.  When traveling to Disney, I long ago decided that I wanted to take my son’s photo each and every time we went to Disney in one spot.

I wanted a spot that I could get a decent shot of him from with fairly good lighting and one that would likely always remain year after year.  My thought was Main Street is a great place to get the photo but where is a location where I will not get other people in the photo.  And that is when I came up with the stairways that lead to fake doorways.  There are actually many of these as you walk up and down Main Street and each photo taken simply depends on which one is empty at the time we are passing through!

I love the concept of the photo in the same spot because it allows me to see how he has grown throughout the years.  It was also a great spot when he was small and easily distracted.  Since he sits down on the stairs, even when he is tired from a long day in the parks, he is willing to get in the shot.  I use these as my souvenir for visiting the parks year after year.  It is inexpensive and will be cherished always!

Disney Main Street Steps Photo 2009

Disney Main Street Steps Photo Op

Disney Magic Kingdom Steps Photo with Duffy

Main Street Steps 2015

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