The Boneyard in DinoLand USA – Helps Parent Ride their Thrill Rides!

Animal Kingdom - Dino Dig

Animal Kingdom – The Boneyard Slides


The Boneyard

Opening Date:

April 22, 1998

Approximate Length:

Up to the Guest


The Boneyard is a fantastic place for children to play. There are a wide variety of slides, some small and some taking up multiple stories to conquer!  In addition, children will find winding paths, doors which make noises when attempted to be opened and water fun during the heat of the summer.  Be sure to walk around the entire area to experience the sounds of dinosaurs!

Once the children are done exploring this area, be sure to take them up and over the bridge to the Dino Dig section.  Here children are often given a bucket as they enter the dig site.  There they will help other children dig out the dinosaur bones hidden within.  Lucky for the parents, the material used in this dig site do not stick to the children making for no-mess fun!  Parents will find that this is also a great location to sit for a rest while watching the children play.  There are seats surrounding the area, as well as a water fountain.

Animal Kingdom - Dino Dig2

Animal Kingdom – Dino Dig Kids Area

Opinion or personal story about this attraction:

This is a great place for younger children to have fun.  My husband and I have frequently used this as a place to go where we play tag team attraction riding.  Because we know my son will want to play in the area for a very long time, one of us stays with him while the other heads over to Expedition Everest.  After riding in the single rider line, we switch out.  This allows each of us to ride our favorite thrill ride in Animal Kingdom and my son plenty of time in the play area!




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