The best reasons to travel to Disneyland during October

Haunted Mansion Sign

My family just returned from Disneyland.  We had such a great time, I wanted to share with you why it is a great idea to visit Disneyland in October!

Reasons to visit Disneyland in October:

  • The crowds are not nearly as high as during the summer months. If you spend any time analyzing the crowd calendars or simply understanding the people who visit a Disney theme park, you know that the summer months will provide long lines.  If the lines are long, you will not be able to visit as many attractions!
  • The weather is mild and beautiful in October! Other times of the year are much hotter or colder than October.  When we visited, the high was around 75 and the low temperatures were around 60 degrees.  Those are great temperatures for visiting a theme park!
  • The decorations are fantastic if you are a Halloween fan. Both the Disneyland and California Adventure parks are decorated for the holiday.  The colors are beautiful and vibrant!
  • The special overlay on top attractions is amazing to see! You will find that the Haunted Mansion’s update in October for the Nightmare before Christmas overlay is just awesome.  We left the park wondering why Disney World’s Magic Kingdom does not do something similar to this.  You will find that the Haunted Mansion is heavily decorated internally and externally. Haunted Mansion
    Over at Space Mountain, you will also love the Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy overlay!  This attraction is much smoother than the one found in Disney World and offers loads of extra fun with the addition of the great sound system and videos to create the awesomeness of the Ghost Galaxy!
  • The foods are also heavily themed. Just like in Disney World, you will find loads of awesome snacks and desserts that are Halloween themed.

Remember this when thinking of planning a vacation to Disneyland!  Really, October is a perfect month for visiting Disneyland!

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